La terre des anciens

La Terre des Anciens was established in 2008 through the initiative of people who strongly believe in health benefits of organic agriculture and its power to ensure environmental and agricultural sustainability.


Mon Cheval Naturel is the equestrian sector of La Terre des Anciens, where they teach horseback riding using Parelli-based training techniques.

In its early stages, La Terre des Anciens also had a subsidiary in the sheep sector, Les Agneaux des Capucins, which closed up shop in 2015.

In 2014, Ms. Denise Verreault transferred to La Terre des Anciens the ownership of the Érablière des 3 Platins, a sugar bush she has owned for years but had never affiliated with her business. Since Ms. Verreault originally bought the sugar bush for personal interests and not for commercial purposes, its maple products are not for sale and therefore cannot be found on shelves.

In 2016, La Terre des Anciens introduced egg production. Cherishing her core values, Ms. Verreault acquired some thirty Chantecler chickens, a breed known as Quebec’s agricultural heritage and recognized as much for egg laying as for the quality of its meat. Chickens are fed with organic grains and their eggs are intended for personal consumption only.

Unfortunately, we had to stop the poultry production in 2018. In 2020, a vegetable production was started with the hopes it will be developed.