La terre des anciens

Facing a restricted regional offer of horse training techniques and looking for a less traditional and less strict method, Ms. Verreault decided to open her own equestrian centre in 2005 in an effort to lead by example by getting off the beaten track. Mon Cheval Naturel wishes to reflect as faithfully as possible the habitat of the wild horse. We advocate a gentle training method building on the relationship between the master and their horse in a natural environment. The centre’s main objective is to show people how to think outside the box, improve their techniques, better understand their horse and further strengthen the relationship between themselves and their animal.

Our facilities include an outside arena (100’ x 200’), a lit indoor arena (90’ x 160’) equipped with an audio system, an indoor and outdoor portable round pen (60’ in diameter), heated saddlery and office, a horse shower, restrooms and a laundry space. Horses are free to run wild on two pasture lands and other fields are dedicated to hay crops. Several forest trails are accessible for horse rambling and some even lead to the beach of the Capucins Bay.


Invented in 1981 by Pat Parelli, an American horse whisperer, the Parelli method is a human-oriented training and dressage program in respect with the behavioural study of the horse. Divided in four stages of development involving four...

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Mon Cheval Naturel has a herd of horses including several Canadian Horses, a breed officially recognized as Canada’s national horse and Quebec’s agricultural heritage.

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Equestrian show

From 2012 to 2015, we presented an annual equestrian show to demonstrate to the public our horse training results, featuring the Parelli method and our knowledge on horses. Originally produced out of pure pleasure, our shows have...

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Several services are offered by Mon Cheval Naturel including horse boarding, a horse trailer for rent an indoor and outdoor arena for rent, and horse shows for group activities.

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